The Great Depression

Everette, a twenty-nothing with hopes higher than his means, is stuck in a job he doesn’t want, in a town he doesn’t like, and lives with his grandfather. Until he meets Violette. After their meeting, he sees magic in his life, his town, and becomes the adventurous person he always wanted to be. However, after his grandfather is diagnosed with Alziemhers, the tear between love and life breaks further and further apart.

Born in Gurnee, Illinois and raised in Chicago, Marc Fignon started making short films when he was 10 years old. Unable to afford film school, he studied film empirically Writing/Direction/Shooting Internet shorts every available weekend.


At the age of 19, he moved out to Los Angeles where he quickly became embedded in the world of independent film. After a chance meeting with indie actor Tyler Dawson in line at the world Famous Pink’s Hotdogs, Marc was inspired to write his first full-length feature script which would become the seed for “The Great Depression”

Drawing from his upbringing and his grandfather’s true-life battle with Alzheimer’s, Marc completed the script and went on to produce, write and direct the project as his first feature length film. “The Great Depression” stars Tyler Dawson and Julia Stephens.